inspire her

Apparel with a Purpose

inspireHER began with the founder, Erica Cardenas, feeling led to share her own personal story of some of her own struggles and experiences as a young teen. She was drawn to create the first inspireHER shirt in 2015 - YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE - as a reminder to girls and women that they are one-of-a-kind, and that they are blessed with identity, value and worth. She calls it Apparel with a Purpose. From then until now, Erica has created numerous inspirational T-shirts through inspireHER, and speaks regularly to youth and women at various Valley organizations, nonprofits, schools and churches, sharing her story and sharing the message of love, hope and truth. A portion of all inspireHER sales is redirected to the organization's Shirts for HER project, providing free inspireHER shirts to girls and women in the community, reminding them that they are loved, and that their lives matter.